JustCarbon has been listed on P2PB2B

06 May 2022
JCR token

JCR is available on our exchange.
🔸Trading pairs: JCR/USDT

JustCarbon is a marketplace using blockchain technology to solve major problems and inefficiencies in the current carbon credits market. It aims to bring greater investment and scalability to nature-based removal projects.

Owners of JCRs, own one tonne of physical carbon sequestrated from the atmosphere. JCRs can be traded or held on multiple exchanges.

You can purchase JCRs from your preferred exchange, or directly from www.justcarbon.com. JCR holders can also take part in JustCarbon’s upcoming governance token (JCG) auction later this month. JCGs will also soon be tradable on P2PB2B.

Learn more about the project:
🔸Website: justcarbon.com/#/
🔸Facebook: facebook.com/justcarboncom
🔸Twitter: twitter.com/justcarboncom
🔸Telegram: t.me/justcarboncom

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